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Looking for a new host
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« on: June 12, 2009, 11:51:22 PM »

Howdy all

I'm currently in the process of looking for a new host. Its something I never thought would need to happen however Smoovenet's customer service and uptime has been going in a downward spiral lately, and I'm not the only one hosted here who's feeling the same way. The problem is, finding a similar host that offers a lot of the same stuff that Smoovenet does, though now I'm looking for extra space to expand. A few names have popped up BlueHost, Bihira - there's also this JustHost (AU version) which apparently is highly rated but I always have concerns over sites that say 'unlimited space' and 'unlimited bandwidth' because often that means there is a limit in there somewhere but you have to read it in the fine print...

Smoovenet's current details for hosting can be found here so you can see what we currently get (I'm on the Premium option). As you can see its also expensive in relation to some of the above options so that's another reason for jumping ship - although if they had continued with their good customer service (I submitted a ticket to them nearly 6 weeks ago and have still had no response) then I would have paid more to stay with them. But I don't want to put up with all the downtime Sad

If any of you have heard of good hosts that don't force you to advertise them by putting banners up all over the site, and have the same options that smoovenet offers but with a bit more space, even if its by reviews you've seen elsewhere feel free to let me know! It may be a while before I make a decision but I want to make the right decision and not end up on some host that will only cause the site to shut down...
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