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Spoiler tags
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« on: May 01, 2010, 10:26:46 PM »

There's now a new option to use Spoiler tags if you want to hide a specific piece of information from people who don't want to know about it ie movie plots, game plots etc.

When you make a post or reply to a post there is the word "spoiler" in the list of options (before the Insert List button - I think its supposed to have a button image too but it didn't load properly) or you can type it out yourself as the following:

[ spoiler][ /spoiler]

Without the gaps of course. Its set to show a button which you click to reveal the spoilers and click again to hide them again. If you run into problems with viewing this (ie its always revealed or it doesn't reveal etc) please let me know. At this stage I'm just testing out the modification.

I've used it already on the Ironman 2 thread so feel free to check it out.
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