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Secrets of Castle O'Sullivan
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Okay, so I'm really not sure where exactly to put this. Wanted to make it its own thread just so it doesn't get eternally buried in B.O.R.E.D.

I've been going to Busch Gardens in Virginia every year since 2005. The first time I went, my friend insisted that we go to this show. The preshow was corny to be sure but get through that and it's quite an amusing little thing to watch. You probably can't see the set too well but it was cool with gargoyles and the old medieval castle feel and stuff. The times I went, they had a dude performing and I kinda liked him better than the woman they have in the YouTube vids.

Then by act three, it just gets awesome. I'm not going to say how or why for spoilers because I think it's something you should see at least once. I'd go see it again myself when I go in a few weeks if the bastards hadn't taken out the show to replace it with Elmo nonsense. The son of a bitch got his own area in BG, and he got the castle too? Assholes.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. Like I said, it's corny as hell in parts but what can you expect from a kids show. Though take this as a recommendation. I took my mom to it the first time we went on a family trip there and she really liked it. She normally doesn't go for stuff like this.


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